Dog Whisperer: Surrendering Territory (Video)

Cesar asks his cameramen to help him back Rufus into submission.

Dog Whisperer: Get in the Car! (Video)

Cesar uses a unique strategy to help Olive overcome her fear of the car and lead a normal life.

Dog Whisperer: Chill Out! (Video)

Gizmo must learn how to control his aggression in order to coexist with others in his home and on the street.

Dog Whisperer: Calm Down! (Video)

In this video… Hula is an agitated little dog, but learns to stop barking and meet others.

Dog Whisperer: A Lesson in Aggression (Video)

In this video, Cesar takes an aggressive German Sheppard named Troy to his long time colleague to measure his “level of aggression”.

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